A game that invites us to party and have fun. Money party link fruity fruity game developed by novomatic. This exciting game has several fresh fruit symbols and very beautiful and bright picture colors. A game that has a game background full of a lot of money along with a song that invites us to reminisce.

Money party link fruity fruity has 5 reels and 3 rows. In the game, gamers will get not only victory for symbols but will also get wins from the game jackpot as well. Maybe someone asks whether this fruity fruity money party link game is the same as other fruit games?

Game difference

Swapoparty – The answer is somewhat similar. Other fruit games have the same symbol shape and this fruity fruity money party link game also has the same fruit symbol, only that there are additional symbols so that this game can be said to be the same but different. The difference is in the location of the money bag sign and the scatter. If other games have a star-shaped scatter.

As for the game money party link fruity fruity scatter in the form of a money bag. While the star is a sign of the bonus game. Not only that, in the money party link fruity fruity game, there is also an additional sign in the form of a game jackpot that looks like a coin. To get to know the symbols, gamers can visit game info.

winning money bag // Fruity

Game symbols

There will be a lot of information that gamers will find from the symbols, steps, and the number of symbols that gamers must get in order to get a lot of game wins. The following is the content of the fruity fruity money party link game, namely: there are watermelons, grapes, plums, oranges, lemons, cherries, stars, money bags, coins, number 7, bells, wilds and a sign that says jackpot game.

Each time in the game the screen will continue to spin until the gamer gets a suitable symbol, while in this rotation gamers will get a drop of coins while the screen is still spinning. Game money party link fruity fruity also has 25 or 50 ways to get game payout values.

Wild and spin lock

Wild in the game money party link fruity fruity is a photo of a collection of fruits with the words wild. A sign will replace all symbols. Easy win type with the combined value of each game symbol. When gamers get 6 different coin value numbers will activate free spins. There are 4 free spins that can be obtained.

During the free spins the screen will be locked, the coins that move are looking for a place to stop. During the free spins, gamers must be able to get a lot of coins so that when the free spins run out the value will be added up and gamers win with the most value when collecting coins in the spin lock.

Free spins

The spin lock will expire when the free spins run out. When in spin lock, if the gamer gets the game jackpot. Free spins will automatically increase again. If the gamer manages to get 3 jackpots at once in free spins. And no need to ask again, gamers will automatically get a lot of unexpected winning coins. Not only coins win, but the value of each coin will be doubled so that gamers can win a lot.

When you play at the casino. You will immediately get paid from the organizer of the fruit money party link game. To be able to get the bonus game gamer must get the same 3 stars. The star will come out and make gamers have to choose which star can give double scores and unexpected wins.