Cold spell

Cold spell

Quickly prepare warm clothes and fire so you don’t get cold. There will be a lot of snow which makes the area around very cold so before we get cold, immediately make a fireplace and take a guessing shirt to warm our bodies. Of course, gamers are confused, why should they prepare fire and warm clothes because novomatic brings back an exciting game with the theme of cold spell snow.

The game, which was developed in a cold area, makes people who see it feel the cold of the snow. To get rid of the cold is not easy. Therefore gamers are given the opportunity to break the cold in the cold spell game. The game form is 5×3 with a blue background with a cool game atmosphere.

Hot magic

Swapoparty – To be able to get rid of the cold in the game we have to find another force that is opposed to cold, namely heat. But this is impossible because the cold spell game is a cold area. To be able to make gamers warm, they must find the power that smells of magic. A magic that can turn cold areas into warm ones.

It takes 10 ways for magic to work. Each step gamers can use to win the cold spell game. Successfully making the area around you warm, you will also get attractive prizes from the cold spell game. The king who hears it will call you and then give you lots of great things like giving gold and noble wealth.

fire witch//Cold

Free spin giver symbol

Who doesn’t want wealth and gold? Of course we all want all the gifts the king gave. To get it, gamers must begin to recognize the game cold spell in each symbol. Each symbol has many different benefits and values ​​so gamers can take advantage of each cold spell symbol.

There is a scatter symbol that is ready to form value and prizes for gamers. Scatter is a magician who carries a fire stick. Fire sticks that will give prizes in the form of free spins. 3 fire sticks get 15 free spins. There is also a wild that is ready to replace all symbols except the scatter. Wild himself uses a photo of a woman who uses fire.

Other symbols in the game

In the first time playing and in the first round if the gamer gets 3 scatters, he will get free spins and the value will be doubled by 3 times the bet value. If the gamer is still free spins, he gets another 3 of the same sticks, he will only get additional free spins.

There are still other symbols that you can find such as the ice woman, maps, kings, crowns, treasure boxes, and cards from A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 ready to help gamers win and get prizes. The value of the victory that will be obtained by gamers is approximately nine thousand coins. To be able to get this value, gamers can start with a bet value of 0.01 to 1 coin from each bet value that gamers play.

Medieval games

Seeing the shape of the image in the cold spell game is in a different year. The cold spell game tells the story as in the Middle Ages. The era which describes a country that still believes in the power of magic and curses. A fairy who managed to make the king feel his curse so that the king summoned or looked for magicians who could make the atmosphere of the area not cold by breaking the curse of the fairy. Win and play to your heart’s content without stopping.