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Is it good to sell on social media?

There are lots of people who always ask about selling on social media. Even though selling on socialmedia is the right of the sellers and of course it has advantages that are not obtained when selling offline. Selling on social media is of course difficult, but if you want to keep learning, you will have no trouble finding potential buyers.

From selling on socialmedia, who would have thought you would achieve an unexpected increase in turnover. Of course, those of you who will sell on social media will be very helpful in increasing turnover. Especially now that there are a lot of social media with various types that have sprung up. Apart from that, there are not many people who play socialmedia. There are so many people who almost every day and every second continue to open social media, whether it’s just scrolling or updating status.

Since there is so much social media on offer, you shouldn’t skip it. Because you are passing it, you will lose the opportunity to get a buyer. Socialmedia that you might be able to use in selling are Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or other social media accounts.

advantages and disadvantages of selling

Swapoparty – Selling any product on social media must have its advantages and disadvantages, if you have an open mind there are actually many advantages than disadvantages. Because online sellers who are socialized on social media already feel the advantages of selling on social media. The following are the advantages of selling on social media:

1.No need for a Real Store

When you sell online, you don’t need to open a real shop. Because after all selling offline doesn’t always make you luckier than selling online. Selling online is, of course, more relaxed than selling offline, which has a shop. The risk of losing goods sold in offline stores will not be felt by online sellers.

the number of visitors on social media//good

2.Free Working Hours

At the beginning of opening an online store, you must be required to work professionally. Because at the beginning of a career, it is usually very difficult for online sellers to find buyers. However, if there are already a lot of people who have bought goods at your online store, then you will be calmer and more relaxed in doing online selling work. Of course selling online has no time at the beginning of the opening, in contrast to online sellers who already have a lot of buyers. Business hours may have time to turn on and off.

3.Easy to reach buyers

Because you sell online on social media, you don’t have to worry about buyers coming. Because buyers on social media come from any city and any island. If they need these items in your shop, not a few people will make purchases directly.

The downside of selling on social media is price competition, because not a few people sell online. Before making a purchase, the buyer will compare prices first, so you need to be careful if the price you sell is too high. Another problem is usually getting potential customers. It’s not easy to make sales online or offline, so you need to keep learning when selling online. You must continue to revise the product or continue to do advertisements every day so that the products you sell are known by many people. So you don’t need to hesitate anymore to sell online. Good luck.